Safe & Vault Security
Country Safe & Lock strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced safe and vault services.  
Security Tips
Box Rekeying
Rekeying is a good way to protect your customers from surreptitious access to their box.

For mechanical locks, avoid using numbers ending in zeros and fives. A skilled manipulator could open the lock in less than 10 minutes.

Electronic Safe Locks
Consider converting your old mechanical safe locks to electronic locks. Employees find them easier to open and electronic locks can operate in dual control mode.

Time Clocks
Are very expensive and should be on a regular maintenance program. Let us provide you with a program that includes ultrasonic cleaning, adjustments, and lubrication.

Access Control
Let us upgrade or install your access system. We can include features such as detecting door propping and latch bolt monitoring to indicate if the door is latched. We can also install a Lock Down feature which allows any employee to lock the doors directly from their station should a robbery occur.
We are master locksmiths providing safe and vault services.

We service all major brands of safe and vaults including Mosler, Diebold, Lefebure, Hamilton any many others.

We provide services to many of our local area *Banks. We offer our services on a per call basis or if you prefer, we can provide you with a maintenance agreement.

Safes & Vaults
  • Combination changing.
  • Safe and vault repairs.
  • Electronic safe lock installations.
  • ATM Cencon locks.
  • Battery changes.
  • We specialize in safe opening without drilling.

Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Boxes rekeyed.
  • Boxes opened.
  • Boxes repaired.
  • Keys copied.
  • Cleaning and finishing.

Vault Time Clocks
  • Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Service and repair.
  • Replacement clocks.

Teller Stations
  • Lock repairs.
  • New locks.
  • Cash lid locks.