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4/25/2018 2:15:15 PM
Country Safe and Lock
Randy Moore

Although I am the designer of Code Sentry I am also a safe and vault technician and I can assure you that a technician will spend less time and have less of an impact on your daily operations while changing combinations and using Code Sentry. Here’s a typical  scenario when changing twenty five or more combinations at a bank, a technician will spend a minimum of 30 minutes (on a good day) gathering the old combinations and creating and writing down the new ones. If your bank is using dual control procedures then the technician will also have to divide the combinations into A and B parts before they are distributed to employees. In my experience, employees sometimes ask me to choose easy numbers such as those ending in zeros and fives. I have also been asked to change only one number instead of the complete combination.

Code Sentry immediately knocks off 30 minutes or more because the technician only has to login, print the old and new randomly generated codes, change them and then complete the task by Checking In. Once the Check In is finished, your employees have immediate access their codes from their workstation. There’s less interruptions with your employees so they’ll spend more time with your customers.

Randy Moore
Country Safe and Lock

Code Sentry

4/25/2018 2:36:40 PM
The Fauquier Bank
Josh Brown

The Fauquier Bank thought the Code Sentry software would be a great way to assure true dual control. In reality dual control is lacking in most organizations since someone ends up seeing or is able to see the entire combination or code to vaults, safes and lockers. What we discovered was that the software enabled so much more.

After a recent takeover robbery we gave the branch staff the next day off to recover. We assigned staff from another branch to cover for the day. The software enabled us to easily share the parts of the combinations with the appropriate personnel to manage dual control. The software gave us a very complete picture of what combinations went where and what combinations had to be redone after the normal staff returned to duty.

It was realized, during the recent H1N1 influenza outbreak, we could have up to 40% of our staff out on leave in the case of a major outbreak. How would we manage to move personnel around and still maintain dual control? We had already installed the tools to do just that. Now, from a central location we can issue combinations and codes that will enable us to adequately manage our personnel and maintain our ability to serve our customers.

The password secure storage feature has been a real help as well. Now personnel can securely store and retrieve any of the numerous passwords they must maintain. No longer do I have to worry that they are keeping them on post-it-notes under keyboards. We have not even begun to utilize the features available in this software and we are already finding it to be an essential tool for business continuity and security.

Josh D. Brown, Director of Security
The Fauquier Bank, Warrenton, VA  

Axessor Lock

4/28/2018 1:28:05 PM
First Bank & Trust
Daniel W. Smith

January 4, 2017

Randy Moore
Country Safe and Lock
1059 Dulin Drive
Amissville, VA 20106

Dear Mr. Moore,
This letter is to thank you for your level of professional service with our electronic lock project.
As you know, the 20 locations that received the electronic locks had many different makes,
models, sizes and ages of doors. That made the project much more challenging. Your ability to
meet that challenge is noteworthy.

With the new locks up and working now for over six months I can say with confidence that the
project was a success and well worth the effort. A recent follow up with the head tellers resulted
in 100% satisfaction with the locks. Not having to account for who has which half of
combinations when scheduling staff along with the ability to pull logs showing users and times
the locks were opened is a win win.

We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Daniel W. Smith
V.P., Operations and Security

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