Cashier Check Register
In search of risk reduction and regulatory compliance solutions for your bank?

With the Cashier Check Register, your quest is over!
The Cashier Check Registry (CCR) is a new and powerful tool to help you achieve risk reduction and compliance. It’s time to move away from spreadsheets, paper ledgers, and the man-power necessary to manage it.

Let CCR consolidate your transactions using a web site user interface.

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Cost Effective
CCR allows you to consolidate your transactions which mean fewer man hours and more savings. Instantly print records for regulatory reports and electronically export transaction data to third party vendors.
Code Compliance Tool
Maintain the edge by utilizing Protect Quest’s unique proven system of averting fraud associated with cashier checks and employee losses. Easily detect structuring and money laundering.
Disaster Recovery
Spreadsheets and paper based check registers are a nightmare for disaster recovery. Be ahead of the game by protecting your valuable data from loss by centralizing your cashier checks into a single database.
Active Watch List Monitor
CCR checks for names in a watch list and sends an email alert if a match is found.

Easily import a list of names to the watch list. And add names to the Suspicious Name List when you want to monitor transactions for suspicious activity.
Catch Money Laundering and Structuring
CCR has a simple to use yet powerful research tool giving you the ability to catch money laundering and structuring.

Specify the Search Expression, set values and then click Search. You can even stop fraudulent checks by incorporating CCR as part of your positive pay procedures.
Reduce Loss and Theft of Checks
Keeping meticulous records of your blank checks can help reduce loss and theft. CCR has a Check Supply Ledger giving you the ability to easily audit the distribution of checks. The tracking ledger records the transfer and receipt of cashier checks among branches.