Code Sentry
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Take a tour of our Code Sentry presentation to learn how we can help your business manage combinations provided to your employees, reduce risk as well as increasing efficiency and productivity during day to day operations.
Sharing Codes
Until now, companies had to rely on hand written or verbal dissemination of codes. If you were to perform a security assessment of employee workspaces, you might find combinations written on post-it paper under a keyboard or mouse pad.

Imagine the risk of providing codes and combinations over a telephone, cell phone, email, texting or fax machine. These are real life scenarios.

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Cost Effective
Manage codes on a large scale allowing complete control of compromised codes and code changes. Stay in control of codes for distributed devices such as cell phones, computers, keys and anything that you want to share.
Code Compliance Tool
Maintain the edge by utilizing Code Sentry’s unique proven system of averting fraud associated with combination management and employee theft. Easily track user sharing and compromised combinations.
Disaster Recovery
In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, employees with vault combinations were scattered. Safe technicians were hired to open these vaults in order to recover the contents, costing the banking industry millions. Code Sentry prevents a loss such as this.
Share Anything
Code Sentry allows you to create and recover codes for virtually any device that uses a pin code, password, combination or key code. You will instantly know who has what device and who has access to it's code or combination. Code loss is a
thing of the past.

Easily create dual control procedures using A and B codes. Code Sentry also simplifies the managing of personnel in A and B code groups. This helps to ensure that during business hours, there is always a user from both groups available for accessing your safes and vaults.
Risk Assessment
Imagine having a list that details which combinations are compromised. Each time a combination is unshared from a user, Code Sentry keeps a detailed service ticket.

You get complete details of the event such as the items name, date/time, who removed the share and from whom.

When it's time to get the combinations changed, your  technician simply checks them out. When the tasks are finished, they are checked in and all of your employees instantly have access to their combinations.
Reporting Equipment Problems
Your employees can report problems with equipment and monitor it's progress.

When a service ticket is created, an email is sent to the appropriate personnel. Each step of the repair is logged and personnel can even communicate using the ticket page.
Maintenance Services
Code Sentry uses a Check Out and Check In procedure for managing combination changing and service tasks.

When a vendor arrives they simply login to the Check Out page and select the tasks that they are going to complete.

Code Sentry provides all of the necessary information that the vendor will need to complete each task. When finished, the vendor uses the Check In page to identify the tasks that are completed.

After this, your personnel have instant access to their new combinations.
Password Storage
The Login Vault provides simple timed access to everyday codes that you  maintain yourself.

Add, Edit, Delete and set the display time. The Login Vault also has a Refresh Password button that when used creates a complex password.

The only password that has to be remembered is the Code Sentry login password.